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US-251D12 - Dry Block Heater (dry bath)
US-251D13 -Dry Block Heater (dry bath)
US-251D3 - Dry Block Heater (dry bath)
US-251L - Dry Block Heater
US-THC - Dry Block Heater
US-91G09M-HL - Growth Chamber
US-91G09M-1300 - Growth Chamber
US-91G09M-800 - Growth Chamber
US-91G09M-600 - Growth Chamber
US-8407-600 - Growth Chamber
US-8407-800 - Growth Chamber
US-8407-1300 - Growth Chamber
US-91G09M-1300C - CO Growth Chamber
US-3DMC - CO Growth Chamber
US-3DM - Plant Growth Chamber
US-4DM - Plant Growth Chamber
US-8407VLG - Front View Growth Chamber
US-3DS - Orchid Growth Chamber
US-9111H-150 - Humidity Chamber
US-9111H-350 - Humidity Chamber
US-9111H-800 - Humidity Chamber
US-8111H-150 - Humidity Chamber
US-98111H-350 - Humidity Chamber
US-8111H-800 - Humidity Chamber
US-9111H-AR - Direct Testing Chamber
US-705D - Dew Chamber

 Model US-3DS

Orchid Growth Chamber  
Main Control Multi channel full microprocessor controller
Display Alphanumeric 80 characters LCD
Temperature Range 0C to 60C         (light ON 10C to 60C)
Temperature Accuracy +/-0.3C at 37C     *main use 28C at 37C
Humidity Range 35to 98% RH      *main use 35 to 85%RH
Humidity Accuracy +/- -1% at 70% 
Humidity Sensor Electronic Ceramic
Temperature and Humidity  Program 10 step + 1 manual
Illumination Compact F.L 55W x 3 set
Illumination Control 10 step + 1 manual
Lux Meter Movable sensor with flex cable
Material In Stainless steel, sus 304
Material Out Powder coated steel
Door Silicone packing magnet door with window
Safety Over/under temp protector,  power breaker
Dimension In 500x500x700 (H) mm
Dimension Out 700x800x1460 (H) mm
Capacity 175 Liter
Power 220V,  10A, 60Hz
Weight - Kg.


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