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 Growth Chambers & Heaters
US-251D12 - Dry Block Heater (dry bath)
US-251D13 -Dry Block Heater (dry bath)
US-251D3 - Dry Block Heater (dry bath)
US-251L - Dry Block Heater
US-THC - Dry Block Heater
US-91G09M-HL - Growth Chamber
US-91G09M-1300 - Growth Chamber
US-91G09M-800 - Growth Chamber
US-91G09M-600 - Growth Chamber
US-8407-600 - Growth Chamber
US-8407-800 - Growth Chamber
US-8407-1300 - Growth Chamber
US-91G09M-1300C - CO Growth Chamber
US-3DMC - CO Growth Chamber
US-3DM - Plant Growth Chamber
US-4DM - Plant Growth Chamber
US-8407VLG - Front View Growth Chamber
US-3DS - Orchid Growth Chamber
US-9111H-150 - Humidity Chamber
US-9111H-350 - Humidity Chamber
US-9111H-800 - Humidity Chamber
US-8111H-150 - Humidity Chamber
US-98111H-350 - Humidity Chamber
US-8111H-800 - Humidity Chamber
US-9111H-AR - Direct Testing Chamber
US-705D - Dew Chamber

 Model US-8407VLG

Front View Growth Chamber  
Main Control Remote controlled automatic type
Temperature Range 10C to 50C        * main use 28C to 37C
Temperature Accuracy +/-0.3C at 37C
Temperature Program 2 step  program (day night)
Temperature Controller Digital PID
Humidity Program 10 step + 1 manual program
Humidity Range 40 to 95% RH      *main use 35 to 85%RH
Humidity Accuracy +/- -1% at 65% 
Humidity Sensor Electronic Ceramic
Humidity Controller Digital PID
Humidifier Evaporation by motor with SUS 316 pipe heater
Illumination 22,000 Lux
Illumination Control 24 hours timer
Lux Meter Movable sensor with flex cable
Material In Stainless steel, sus 304
Material Out Powder coated steel
Door Silicone packing magnet door with window
Safety Over/under temp protector, water level monitor, power breaker
Dimension In 18000x900x1500 (H) mm
Dimension Out 2000x1100x2600 (H) mm
Capacity 2.430 Liter
Power 220V,  472A, 60Hz
Weight - Kg.


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